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Add more internal storage to your Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition or Nintendo NES Classic Edition (2018 model) console with this small expansion board! The Super Storage adds a microSD card slot using unpopulated pads on the underside of your Classic. Use any size microSD card to add a little more breathing room for extra games.


  • Easy-solder slim PCB! Eliminates the need for long wires and the headaches of cross referencing screenshots and datasheets
  • Easy access! This product comes in two pieces joined by a small ribbon cable. This allows you to put the microSD card slot anywhere you want allowing for quick and easy swaps.
  • No case modifications required! The best feature of the Classic Edition is the fine details in the miniature case. This add-on requires no modification to the console’s shell
  • Simple installation! Removing a few screws and eight quick-solder points is all it takes


Shipping inside of the US is a flat rate of $3 while international is a flat rate of $7. Once we package up your order, you’ll automatically receive a tracking number. Shipping is done via USPS and generally takes 2-5 days for the US, but may take longer for international orders.


Check out the installation tutorial! Don’t trust your soldering skills? We also offer a professional installation service for an additional cost. Put in an order with the installation service included and we will send you information to where you can send your console.

NOTE! Be sure to check the known-good microSD cards here!

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