Super Storage Rev 3 – LOW STOCK!

Hey everyone!

We’ve been able to keep stock of the Super Storage for over two years straight now! Recently we were running low on some parts across the board. After a couple weeks of inventory and recombobulation, we have a final count on available Super Storage units.

Unfortunately due to lower interest in the Classic systems, we have decided to not produce any additional units other than what is on hand. We expect these units to go quickly (possibly even in the next week!), so if you need to place an order do it now!

Our attention will be turned away from the Classic systems after remaining units are sold. Additionally, due to technical limitations of other systems such as the PlayStation Classic or Genesis/Mega Drive Mini, echo10 will not be making any sort of Super Storage-like mod for these systems.

Thank you everyone for your support and patronage over the years. The site will remain up and hopefully the brand will continue in some hacking/modding fashion over time, but for now we must say goodbye. If you need to contact us, feel free to email us at or come hang out in our Discord server!

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