2018 NES Classic Release Uses Same Logic Board As SNES Classic

People who have preordered the NES Classic 2018 re-release have been receiving their orders ahead of the June 29th release date. A Redditor who goes by the name jurais was one such lucky person to receive their NES Classic early. I asked them if they could take shots of the board so we could get a sneak peek at what the internals look like:

To nobody’s surprise, the board looks very similar to what we’ve seen in the past. It has the same CPU, power management unit, board layout, etc. What is very surprising however is it seems to use the exact same board as the SNES Classic. I took the following pictures a while ago as a high quality reference shot of the SNES Classic’s logic board without the CPU:

As you can see, pretty much everything here is identical. The model numbers on the board itself even matches up! The specs are all the same:

  • Allwinner R16 SoC
  • 2Gb (512MB) NAND flash
  • AXP223 PMU
  • 1Gb (256MB) RAM

The only difference seems to be a change in brand of the 256MB RAM chip. All in all this makes complete sense. My guess is Nintendo always planned to revise the NES Classic to use the SNES Classic’s board design. The SNES had a better power supply circuit and has a bit better protection against dirty or dangerous power. It was also obvious once the SNES Classic came around that Nintendo decided to ramp up production. While it’s not exactly a walk in the park to find a SNES Classic on store shelves, it hasn’t fallen to the fate of scalpers.

All in all this is very exciting! Work is being done by the Classics modding community to poke at the NAND and see what’s going on from a software perspective. Both madmonkey and swingflip as well as others in the community have been playing around with it after jurais sent them a dump of the NAND after they discovered that the current exploits don’t quite work with this re-release. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until this is fully supported like the other platforms.

Super Storage Compatibility

Unfortunately I do not have a unit in front of me so I cannot officially test, but I am willing to guarantee compatibility of the Super Storage on the NES Classic 2018 release. As such I have updated the store. When you visit the product page you will be asked to choose your variant of Super Storage for the NES Classic. These will use the same boards as the SNES Super Storage as this new version has the same exact footprint.

Since this is an untested version, I am treating any order for the 2018 release as a preorder and will be filling orders once I confirm that compatibility is 100%. I should have more news on this around the time of official release, June 29th.

Game On!

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