The Super Storage

Introducing the first modchip for the Nintendo® Classic Edition microconsoles. It started with a simple goal of allowing enthusiasts to expand and upgrade their systems to its full potential. The Super Storage taps into unpopulated pins on the motherboard to provide a microSD card slot offering potentially limitless expandability.

By providing a quick-solder solution, installing the Super Storage is a snap. A quick touch of 8 solder joints will get you up and running in no time. No wires or soldermask scraping necessary. The Super Storage comes in two halves providing the best of both worlds. One half provides the quick solder board while the other gives the microSD card slot. Separating these ensures an ease of repairability and flexibility.

Support spans across the entire Classic Edition product line from the Japanese Famicom to the North American Super Nintendo. Each board is carefully hand soldered with and tested with love. We live off nostalgia at echo10 and dedicate ourselves to spreading our enthusiasm for classic gaming. Unlock the full power of your console with the Super Storage.

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