Super Storage Rev 3 Now Available!

The day has come! We are excited to formally announce the release of the Super Storage Rev 3. It’s been months in the making, but we’re happy to provide a better class of product. If you’ve been following the development, you may already know what to expect. Regardless, let’s take an initial look of what Rev 3 has to offer.

What’s New

As you can see the Super Storage has been revamped. After feedback from both Rev 1 and 2, a large effort of Rev 3 has been focused on durability, ease of installation, and compatibility. As such, we have a laundry list of changes for this small device:

  • A more durable microSD card slot has been put in place
  • The quick-solder half has been reorientated to ensure better compatibility across all Nintendo Classic systems
  • Additionally, soldering has been made easier than ever by making a board that is 33% thinner and enlargening the quick-solder holes
  • Both halves now utilize higher quality metals
  • A microSD card activity LED has been added
  • Traces have been put on both sides of the solderable board to minimize the effect of burning off one of the quick-solder pads

The biggest takeaway is the Super Storage is back and better than ever. For those that have previous revisions, Rev 3 does not add a ton of functionality. However, Rev 2 and 3 are pin compatible with each other. This means you can use either the slot from either revision without having to swap out the quick-solder board.


How do you get your hands on a Super Storage? Head on over to our store as the Super Storage Rev 3 is available NOW for pre-ordering! There is no limit per customer and we expect to have plenty available so grab one for your NES, SNES, relatives, friends, online acquaintances, whatever!

Units will be shipping out in the next week or two!

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