Super Storage Rev 3 – Pre Announcement!

Good news everyone!

Many of you have been waiting for an update on an update to the release of the Super Storage Rev 3. We’ve been getting requests left and right with questions about stock, compatibillity, and new features. Consider this update the official pre-announcement of what to expect!


For anyone that has Rev 2, Rev 3 won’t be that large of an update. Here’s a list of features that’s being brought to the table:

  • Read/write activity LED
  • 33% slimmer board for easier soldering
  • Higher-quality microSD card slot
  • Improved compatibility with all systems
  • Larger plated holes for simpler installation

Overall, this time around simply yields a higher class of product. A large attention to materials has resulted in a more durable, easier to install solution to Nintendo Classic storage woes. In addition to better materials, the Super Storage is now being professionally manufactured and assembled to reduce the possibility of imperfect units.


The production units are currently being assembled by the fabricator we use. The fabricator is waiting on some additional components to come in which pushes their timeline back a couple of weeks. We are expecting to receive the final units by end of November or early December. “Chomping at the bit” is an understatement over here. We can’t wait for the official release and we appreciate your patience!

As part of the official launch, tutorial videos and documentation will be released as requested. This whole project started off as a way to satisfy our passion of retro gaming, and echo10 plans to be there every step of the way from installation to enjoyment.


To close, we’d like to thank everyone from the rockstars over at the Hakchi Resources Discord to our patrons. There’s been an overwhelming amount of support coming from all angles and it has allowed us to dream up some new potential products that might be coming down the pipeline. Game on!

If you’d like to follow these updates, feel free to sign up for our newsletter! You can also hang out over at the Hakchi Resources Discord where we’ll continually push out updates to the #echo10 channel.

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