Super Storage Rev 3 Is In Development!

Today with some exciting news, we’re proud to announce that Rev 3 of the Super Storage is currently in development! The changes from the first release to Rev 2 were pretty substantial. The mod went from a one board solution that really only supported the SNES Classic to a more modular design that supports every Nintendo Classic system.

With Rev 3, we’ve learned even more. After some great feedback and a number of installs, a quick redesign yielded some great features and tweaks:

  • The board will be made thinner. Previously it was a 0.8mm thick, and we’ve pulled an Apple and made it 25% thinner with a 0.6mm thick board. This results in easier solder points upon installation.
  • Everything has been remeasured. Hole spacing, board sizes, trace width and clearance have all been taken into account. We want to make installs as easy as possible putting function above form.
  • Holes have been widened. By tightening up the measurements, we’ve been able to increase the size of the holes of the quick solder points.
  • A status activity LED has been added to the microSD card connector.

Unfortunately, the Super Storage has been a bit too popular. As such we’ve run out of stock of Rev 2 before we’ve had time to develop and produce Rev 3 units. There will be more details to come once we ramp up production, but if you want to be kept up to date when units are available feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. Don’t worry, we promise not to spam you. We simply don’t have the time for any of that silliness!

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