Announcing the Super Storage Rev 2!

Today I have the pleasure of announcing the Super Storage Rev 2! The first revision was more of a pet project of mine to design and manufacture something that people would want to use. I received an amazing response from the community and almost immediately put my head down to crank out an updated and improved version.

Rev 1 was all about keeping everything on one board and making it as easy to install as possible. However, there was a few issues with the design that needed improvement:

  • We marketed the slot as easy accessible. While one could reach in and replace the microSD card, it was frustrating and almost easier to use tweezers. Additionally the installation required a minor modification to the inside of the case to make it fit. This had to change.
  • Rev 1 was not compatible with the NES classic. I admit there was not much interest at echo10 to add the NES. Community feedback and the announcement of Nintendo re-releasing the system made it an obvious to-do. Note: we are not claiming Rev 2 will work on the new NES classic. We will need to get our hands on one before we can claim compatibility.
  • Any maintenance that had to happen due to a broken microSD card slot or upgrades was difficult as one had to desolder the entire board from the SNES and increased the risk of damaging the main board.

So without further ado, here’s a look at Rev 2!


  • The microSD card slot has been separated from the S/NES adapter.
  • A decoupling capacitor has been added to stabilize power a bit better
  • By using a ribbon cable to connect the two halves, the slot can be placed anywhere inside the system
  • NES classic support!
  • Supports all regions!
  • Black solder mask on the PCB, because it’s cool

The largest improvement to the mod by far is the separation of the two halves. This should result in simpler maintenance, upgradability, and accessibility. Separating out the boards also makes it much easier to diagnose issues in the PCB fabrication or assembly process. Each board is now hand tested and spot checked for any potential issues using a real SNES classic. With the new PCB fabricator chosen we were also able to receive a solder stencil which has greatly improved the quality of the solder joints and has resulted in a lot less defects in the assembly process.

How To Buy

Head on over to the Super Storage page to order yours today! Both the NES and SNES versions of the board are available for $25. Shipping costs are currently set at a flat $3 for the US and $5 for all international orders. Also, anyone that had purchased Rev 1 can take 15% off their order by using the promo code REV215. Just used the same email address you used for your previous order and it will automatically register upon checkout!

The price for installation service has also dropped from $55 to $35, so make sure to check that out too!

Compatible microSD Cards

We have put up a page for cards you can expect to work with the S/NES classics. You can check it out here! If you have a working card that is not on the list, feel free to submit it using the form on the page and we will make sure to post it!

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