What is going on? Where’s your stock?

Hey everyone,

I wanted to post a quick update where things are at with the Super Storage microSD modchip for the SNES Classic. I didn’t really think there would be so much interest in this little side project of mine. I originally put together a small run of 50 boards so I could recoup some of the time/money I spent trying to get an easy solution to adding more storage to the SNESC. Since then interest has grown and once I ran out of my original stock, I quickly began working on revision 2.

Super Storage Rev. 2 Prototype

As you can see, with revision 2 I decided to split up the board into two halves. There is now a board that solders directly to the underside of the SNESC and another that houses the microSD card slot. These two pieces are joined by a ribbon cable allowing you to put the slot pretty much wherever you want. Revision 1 had a couple of problems with it that made it hard to use:

  • The card was nearly impossible to access by adult human hands which made the whole “easily accessible” needing an asterisk next to it.
  • After ordering the original 50 boards, I noticed that you actually needed to make a small cut to the inside of the case. This is no longer required.
  • If the slot needed to be repaired or upgraded in any way, that meant desoldering the entire board was necessary. Adding the ribbon cable allows for simple repairs and better future-proofing.
  • The pads for soldering to the header on the SNESC board were much too small and were barely aligned properly. This has been mitigated as I have drawn up my own parts in EAGLE and painstakingly measured the distance between the pads on the board to ensure everything lines up properly.
  • Compatibility with the Super Famicom Classic was iffy and required more modification to the case than its US counterpart. Since the half that connects to the board is shorter and the ribbon cable is, well, a ribbon cable, the entire design is more flexible and will support all three regions (US, Japan, and Europe).

So that’s the design. I am receiving a final round of prototypes over the next few days and once tested I will be ordering a full new run. I will be changing circuit board fabricators from OSH Park to… TBD. Something that will be a little bit more cost effective, possibly provide smaller boards and can scale up in the future. Oh, and one that can produce black solder masks because black is best. I will be releasing more details over the next two weeks. Unfortunately due to rise in cost per unit, I will be raising the price to $25 from $20. I will keep shipping prices as they have been with a flat $3 for US orders and $5 for international orders.

If you’ve signed up for the Hakchi Resources giveaway you will be receiving a revision 2 Super Storage. If you have not entered, make sure you go to the Hakchi Resources website and sign up. I am giving away two Super Storage’s along with a 32GB microSD card for first place and a 16GB microSD card for second place.

New Products In Development

Finally I would like to make two announcements! Up first I would like to announce that the Super Storage will soon support the NES Classic. Hakchi Resources member Patton has graciously let me borrow his NES Classic logic board so I can measure it and develop a quick-solder circuit board to interface with the unpopulated SD card headers.

Secondly, I want to mention that I am working behind the scenes on developing a Super Storage+ (final name pending) that aims to add WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as increasing the internal storage of the device. A while back I bought a second SNESC and desoldered the CPU in an attempt to map any unpopulated pads onboard. I was able to determine there is a USB bus (redundant?) that seems to be unpopulated but may have been used for diagnostics or something of the sort. These pads exist on both the NESC and SNESC. I’m still in the prototyping stage, but so far things seem promising.

That’s all the updates for now! I usually talk about this stuff in the Hakchi Resources Discord so feel free to stop in.

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